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is fortunate to have more than 30 dive sites that we visit frequently. All these marvelous dive sites are just ten minutes off the beach with the furthest ones over on the drop off at . There really is something for everyone here with walls, wrecks, caves, drift dives, swim-thru's, macro dives and much more. Everything to make a very memorable "Sabang Beach Diving" and "Puerto Galera Diving" experience!

Puerto Galera Dive Sites Map

Puerto Galera Dive Sites List


1. Dry Dock

Puffer Fish at Puerto Galera Dry Dock Depth: 21-28m. The Dry Dock is a large steel and plywood construction which was originally designed to lift small boats out of the water. It was sunk in 1998 to create a man-made reef and it soon became hugely successful among the marine life in the area. Today completely covered in coral and colorful , it has become the home of larger reef fish such as , , , and . Stay on top of the structure and you'll find that many have made it their home too. Large and hide between the pylons, and different species of and adorn the legs of the former dock.

The construction lies adjacent to a small coral reef ridge, where , and colonies can be found. If you don't stay too long on the dock, a short swim can take you past the sandy bottom up to the reef of Lalaguna Point. A blue water descent to the bottom at 25m is required, and because of the sometimes tough currents, the Dry Dock is not a dive for the beginner. It is however a great dive for nitrox.

2. Lalaguna Point

Depth: 5-20m. On the edge between Big Lalaguna beach and Small Lalaguna ditto, extends a small wall with a very healthy reef. Starting at 5m, it drops down to 15m where a lush coral slope takes over down to 20m. The wall has cracks and crevices with an amazing variety of marine life: from colonies of to , schools of , , , and hiding . Look out for the real , there are a few families here.

A big variety of is found here, as well as and the occasional . Between 15 and 20m there are two large coral covered hills with a sandy channel in between them, a great place to find , and schools of , as well as big .
Cardinalfish at Puerto Galera Lalaguna Point

3. Alma Jane Wreck

Lionfish at Puerto Galera's Alma Jane Wreck Depth: 20-30m. Perfectly situated in 30m depth, the wreck of the Alma Jane was sunk in 2003 (but looks about two decades older). Originally a filipino cargo vessel, she was stripped of dangerous objects before sinking and is today a perfect artificial reef standing upright on the sandy bottom.

Follow the mooring line down to the rudder, where you will always find groups of , and . Along the outline of the wreck, big try to blend in and try to hide under the hull. The super structure is fast falling apart, but countless have made it their home, as well as and large . are very often found sitting on the wooden structure and a big variety of hide under the debris. Take a closer look and you will find the wheel among the fallen down objects midship.

The Alma Jane Wreck make for a perfect swim through with its wide beam and deep draft, light comes in from several skylights so there is no need for more than a small torch. This is an exellent nitrox dive.

4. St. Christopher Wreck

Depth: 20-24m. St. Christopher is a retired 20m live-a-board dive boat sunk off the end of the El Galleon Pier in 1995. It is also known as Anton's Wreck. This is good start to begin exploring the reef fronting Small Lalaguna Beach. After some time enjoying some large that live on the wreck, the current will propel you up to another wreck, The Speedboat, in 12m/40'. This little wreck is a real favourite since giant reside here, watching large numbers of defend their purple eggs from opportunistic and . Sergeant Majors at Puerto Galera's St. Christopher Wreck

5. Sabang Reef

Bluespotted Stingray at Puerto Galera Sabang Reef Depth: 38-50m. Sabang Reef is a small area of a ridge line which runs for hundreds of metres both east and west. It is one of the most beautiful of the deep water coral gardens in the area with spectacular , whips and formations of . In amongst the pinnacles at the base of this short wall you will find the obligatory school of inquisitive , , Emperor , and more. Somewhere in the nooks and crannies resides a approaching 3m/10ft long, and the sandy reef top is a good place to spot darting away.

Angelyn's Dive Resort can create customized dive itineraries for our guests. Are you ready to plunge and visit these wonderful Puerto Galera dive sites? Check out our Puerto Galera Dive Rates and Room Rates. View other Puerto Galera dive sites.

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Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera, Philippines is located on the northern shores of Mindoro Island about 130 km south of Manila and 14 nautical miles from Batangas City. It is bounded on the north by Verde Island Passage, on the south, by the Municipality of San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro, and on the west, by the Municipality of Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro. The town is made up of coastal villages and is considered to have one of the best natural harbors in the Philippines and one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

Sabang Beach

Sabang Beach is the most popular beach in Sabang, Puerto Galera. Other notable beaches in Sabang are Small La Laguna Beach and Big La Laguna Beach. Walking between the three you might not even notice the difference but each has a separate feel and activity level, Sabang Beach being the liveliest. Big Lalaguna Beach is the best for swimming with its clean sand and coral reef with cordoned swimming area prohibited to boats.

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