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is fortunate to have more than 30 dive sites that we visit frequently. All these marvelous dive sites are just ten minutes off the beach with the furthest ones over on the drop off at . There really is something for everyone here with walls, wrecks, caves, drift dives, swim-thru's, macro dives and much more. Everything to make a very memorable "Sabang Beach Diving" and "Puerto Galera Diving" experience!

Puerto Galera Dive Sites Map

Puerto Galera Dive Sites List


11. Dungon Beach/Wall

Porcelain Crab at Puerto Galera Dungon Wall Depth: 5-28m. From a beautiful hard and soft coral slope, you'll find yourself on a pretty wall starting at 12m and continuing down to 25m. The wall has plenty of cracks and crevices with , and hiding in them. The wall is also famous for its assortment of and . Also look around for : white eyed, clouded, many of them stay in this area. See a black looking bulkier than normal? It's probably a .

During the colder months, a big has often been seen resting close to the wall, Continue deeper from the wall and you will encounter the wreck of an old sailing catamaran. Inside the two hulls hide , , and juveniles of all sorts. On your way shallower, you will find that big are common here, many of them inhabited not only by but also by .

12. Wreck Point

Depth: 5-18m. The name is derived from the large and unfortunate ship that sunk here in a typhoon many years ago. It is visible from the surface still, and rest in only a meter of water.

The shallow parts of the bay are magnificent, the majestic table corals spread to catch the rays of the sun. Amongst them play many of the smaller fish that are so often overlooked. Spectacled , , standing guard with their brilliant marks around their eyes and the , fish of such an irridescent blue that it's rarely seen in nature, antheas and blue-green all hover over the reef. Here and there a huge disrupts the landscape. This is an easy dive, but the currents can get strong so be prepared for a beautiful ride along the coral slope.
Hawkfish at Puerto Galera Wreck Point

13. West Escarceo

Redtoothed Triggerfish at Puerto Galera West Escarceo Depth: 5-35m. Exhilarating drift dive or gentle photography dive along a slope teeming with fish? You chose. On a strong flood, this is your opportunity to fly weightless through the water, but on any other day you have a reef suitable for all levels with lots to see. The sloping reef starts at around 5m with a healthy reef spotted with very large coral boulders, and turns to sand in 25m, where are common. The deeper areas sport long whip corals and lots of trying to hide from you in the many cracks and crevices.

West Escarceo also has an unusual abundance of and , both excellent at camouflaging themselves so watch out! Large are always seen here, and big are often spotted. Schools become more common here as we get closer to Escarceo Point with its currents, so expect to see big mouth , juvenile , and Emperor Fish here.

14. Fish Bowl

Depth: 38-48m. If you have training for deeper dives than 30m, the Fish Bowl should be on your wish list. The dive requires a blue water descent to the top of the Fish Bowl in 35-40m. The rocky reef top is stadium-shaped, and is covered with long whip corals and soft tree corals. It drops off to a sandy bottom in deep water. In the bowl you may see , and . Looking out into blue water and jacks are common. After a few minutes in the bowl, you will be swimming up the contour of the reef to the Canyons. Technical divers can venture into the Fish Bowl and work their way down. Here rocky coral formations, and black whip corals break up the sandy bottom, and it is possible to get close to some of the larger fish life when there is a mild current.

This dive can be done on a stronger current, but the Fish Bowl is a difficult place to stop in when a current is running and you'll find yourself swept off the reef instead.
Whitetip Reef Shark at Puerto Galera Fish Bowl

15. Canyons

Manta Ray at Puerto Galera's Canyons Depth: 22-32m. A world class exhilarating drift dive, this is "the dive" to do in Puerto Galera if you are an experienced diver with a taste for the fast and furious. Drop in close to Hole in the Wall and let the current take you deeper along the slope until you reach an area where currents and mother nature has formed three spectacular canyons in the reef. The canyons all have sheltering walls and sandy bottoms, where you can kneel down and rest – and watch the big fish fighting in the current above your head. On all sides of the Canyons, the slope quickly drops down to 40m plus, so the only way once you get to the Canyons is… up! Try to stay for a while and admire the schooling drums, , , and the big . Inside the canyons you'll find , , and other reef fish.

At the end of the third and deepest canyon (30m), there is an old 1.5 meter anchor embedded in the rock, where divers often meet and hold on before letting go and staring the blue water ascent. This is the one dive site where even bigger animals are sometimes spotted: , and have all been seen here. This is a dive site that changes every time you experience it, on a slack tide it can be a gorgeous dive for photographers, whereas on a strong ebb it can scare the most jaded of divers. Best done in nitrox of course, the dive ends with a blue water ascent and a safety stop in blue water. By the time you exit you'll find that you'll have drifted far off into the ocean. Make sure that you stay with and behind your guide at all times.

Angelyn's Dive Resort can create customized dive itineraries for our guests. Are you ready to plunge and visit these wonderful Puerto Galera dive sites? Check out our Puerto Galera Dive Rates and Room Rates. View other Puerto Galera dive sites.

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Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera, Philippines is located on the northern shores of Mindoro Island about 130 km south of Manila and 14 nautical miles from Batangas City. It is bounded on the north by Verde Island Passage, on the south, by the Municipality of San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro, and on the west, by the Municipality of Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro. The town is made up of coastal villages and is considered to have one of the best natural harbors in the Philippines and one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

Sabang Beach

Sabang Beach is the most popular beach in Sabang, Puerto Galera. Other notable beaches in Sabang are Small La Laguna Beach and Big La Laguna Beach. Walking between the three you might not even notice the difference but each has a separate feel and activity level, Sabang Beach being the liveliest. Big Lalaguna Beach is the best for swimming with its clean sand and coral reef with cordoned swimming area prohibited to boats.

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