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is fortunate to have more than 30 dive sites that we visit frequently. All these marvelous dive sites are just ten minutes off the beach with the furthest ones over on the drop off at . There really is something for everyone here with walls, wrecks, caves, drift dives, swim-thru's, macro dives and much more. Everything to make a very memorable "Sabang Beach Diving" and "Puerto Galera Diving" experience!

Puerto Galera Dive Sites Map

Puerto Galera Dive Sites List


16. Hole in the Wall

Sea Turtle at Puerto Galera Hole in the Wall Depth: 5-20m. Situated on Escarceo Point, the actual hole in the wall is a short tunnel at 12m through a mini mountain that constitutes the dividing range between ebb and tide. This makes for a very beautiful and sometimes exciting dive. As is common in an area where currents meet, you can expect lots of schooling fish: Drummers, , travellies and . The occasional pair of giant travelly can be seen hovering high above the rocky outcropping. Whilst you swim through the hole, be ware of the and that are common here, as well as the feather like growing on the walls they sting! Good buoyancy is a must. The top of the wall is covered in colorful soft coral attracting many colorful fish. , , , , anything can appear here.

On the other side of the wall lies another wall, definitely worth exploring if the current allows it: Covered in soft coral, sponges, green tree coral and fans, it is the hiding place for many and and it drops off into a flat lunar like landscape with whole gardens of whip corals, vibrating in the current. This can be a very easy dive, even novices with good buoyancy control can dive it. Be aware however that on strong floods, the current can get very tough and down currents are common, making you bounce up and down like a yoyo on your way to the surface. Stay close to your guide and to the bottom!

17. Pink Wall

Depth: 5-15m. A big overhang which is approx. 12m/ 40ft long completely covered with pink soft corals, therefore the name, Pink Wall. A great locale for night dives where you can see , plenty of , , , and the fantastic colors of the wall. Best done on a flood tide where you will find little or no current. Often done as the shallow finish of a dive to the Shark Caves. Maximum depth is 15m/ 50ft. The top of the overhang is 5m/ 15ft, perfect for your safety stop. Scorpionfish at Puerto Galera Pink Wall

18. Shark Cave

Whitetip Reef Shark at Puerto Galera Shark Cave Depth: 26m. And then there's the The cave is a large overhang, which happens to be the favourite spot for to rest during the day. The ledge is at about 27m depth and there's almost always a few sharks hanging out inside the cave. Bring your torch since they can be quite shy and hide in the inner parts of the narrow cave, but don't be afraid if they come as close as within a meter from you. They are not dangerous and you will be amazed by their grace. There's a few other ledges around, under which baby sharks are sometimes found, as well as . The sharks share their space with lots of other small fish in the foreground, which make them very hard to photograph.

This is a great nitrox dive and best done on flood tide when this area has no or very little current. The area around the Shark Cave has many and and is especially popular among for its many cracks and crevices. On your way shallow, if your air and bottom time lasts that long, you may pass by Hole In The Wall.

19. Atoll

Depth: 18-32m. Rising from 33m to 20m, this huge rock stands upright on the bottom, with an overhang on one side and lots of small crevices on the deep side. Covered in soft coral, fans and sponges the Atoll is very colorful and home to many fascinating creatures. To explore the overhang where , , and , etc. are common. You need a light due to the large depth. Emperor are common, as are and and bigger .

The rock face is spotted with and clouds of small reef fish. This dive is best done on nitrox and with a bit of planning you can extend the dive by swimming over towards Shark Cave or Kilima Steps towards shallower depths. The dive has to be done on a flood, when there is less current.
Emperor Angel Fish at Puerto Galera Atoll

20. Kilima Beach/Steps

Palette Surgeonfish at Puerto Galera Kilima Beach/Steps Depth: 5-40m. A fantastic dive for the diversity of the fish and coral found here. Starting in shallow water, the dive site consists of flat areas broken up by small walls ridges at all depths, with the deepest one in 30m. The reef is litterally teeming with life, with schools of antheas, , , , and all the other common reef fishes. are very common here, and you will find one or two under most coral heads or rocks, often different species sharing a hole. and banded , and also frequent the area. A school of tends to hang around in 18m and a big school of hunting longnose emperor fish very often speed past on their way to find a prey.

have always been common here and this is the only place in Puerto Galera where you can admire the beautiful (or "Dory" in the movie ""). By the deeper walls, schools of will appear above you as you cruise along. This dive has to be done on a flood tide, or it will turn into the infamous Kilima Drift, a whole different story.

Angelyn's Dive Resort can create customized dive itineraries for our guests. Are you ready to plunge and visit these wonderful Puerto Galera dive sites? Check out our Puerto Galera Dive Rates and Room Rates. View other Puerto Galera dive sites.

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Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera, Philippines is located on the northern shores of Mindoro Island about 130 km south of Manila and 14 nautical miles from Batangas City. It is bounded on the north by Verde Island Passage, on the south, by the Municipality of San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro, and on the west, by the Municipality of Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro. The town is made up of coastal villages and is considered to have one of the best natural harbors in the Philippines and one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

Sabang Beach

Sabang Beach is the most popular beach in Sabang, Puerto Galera. Other notable beaches in Sabang are Small La Laguna Beach and Big La Laguna Beach. Walking between the three you might not even notice the difference but each has a separate feel and activity level, Sabang Beach being the liveliest. Big Lalaguna Beach is the best for swimming with its clean sand and coral reef with cordoned swimming area prohibited to boats.

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